Acupuncture and Allergies

Ruiping Chi is a female doctor from China who has over 25 years of experience in acupuncture. She now practices in Virginia at the Wellness Village, which is in Henrico County. The terms acupuncture and allergies are often used together as she treats patients with allergic symptoms.

There are several success stories attributed to the Chinese doctor relating to allergy victims. Mark, an adult with acute allergies, says he no longer has any flare ups of symptoms after four acupuncture treatments. He no longer fears the spring season when the yellow pollen is on everything.

According to Chi, the acupuncture needle regulates the body’s circulation, endocrine system, and neurotransmissions to adjust the body. The needles prevent the immune system from overreacting to pollens or other allergens.

When energy is redirected in the correct way, many of the physical problems we have go away.

Some patients that come to Chi are too young for needles. In such a case, a radish seed is placed on each pressure point where the needles would usually be inserted and a bandage holds it down to apply the pressure.

The mother of a three-year-old girl, Kim Davis, says her daughter was taking four allergy medicines each day. After three sessions with Dr. Chi, little Eva doesn’t take medications anymore, and she is able to go outside and play without the need for an inhaler.

None of this is magic, and it doesn’t work for everyone. Dr. Chi says that only about 80% of the patients she sees get good results. Of course, you never know if it will work for you until you try it.

There is a good chance that your insurance won’t pay for an acupuncture treatment. You should find that out before you schedule an examination, but even if it doesn’t, you will find the price of an office visit to be very reasonable.

People may look at you as if you are odd when you mention acupuncture and allergies, but if it works, what does it matter.

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