Marilyn Hulnick Avatar
Marilyn Hulnick
1/30/2023 - Google

I have been going to this office for several years and have seen Dr. Ahmadiyar for about a year. I see him monthly to maintain my lower back issues. Occasionally I have had specific issues of pain that I didn’t think of as chiropractic. Dr. Ahmadiyar has explained why the pain is related to my spine and after a quick adjustment I have been amazed at how quickly the pain has disappeared.

Lynn Greenbauer Avatar
Lynn Greenbauer
1/08/2023 - Google

I see Dr. Amir at Vital Care Chiropract in Herndon. He listens intently to my concerns, asks about any pain or discomfort before, during, and after treatment. I've only had a few adjustments by Dr. Amir so far but already an issue I've had for years is starting to improve.

David Castro Avatar
David Castro
12/10/2022 - Google

Very satisfied with the treatment received doctor Amir is very knowledgeable in his field and he’s a very good listener, I recommend this Place to anybody suffers back pain or the the muscles!

Quinn Albo Avatar
Quinn Albo
11/17/2022 - Google

Dr. Amir has been helping my family for years. Both my parents, grandparents, and siblings and I visit him for maintenance, injuries, and whatever we need, and he always comes through. I recently saw him for a neck injury that had me in pain and panicking! He was so kind, took time to understand the injury and and explain exactly what he would do, how it worked, and why it would help. I felt immediate relief (from his work, but also from his care and kindness for my distress) after that first visit and after 2 weeks am almost as good as new with a few more visits left! Would recommend his practice to everyone - most amazing and friendly front desk staff too! Ask anyone in my family - we are endlessly grateful for Dr. Amir. If you're suffering, want to get preventative care, or want an expert opinion - please see him. Thank you x 1000 Dr. Amir!!

JESSICA Esmaralda Avatar
JESSICA Esmaralda
10/17/2022 - Google


Beautiful Duran Avatar
Beautiful Duran
9/17/2022 - Google

Excellent care and flexibility to see me on a short notice.

Salar Sanjari Avatar
Salar Sanjari
8/17/2022 - Google

I’ve had a couple of appointments with Dr. Ahmadiyar and am so glad I found his practice. Dr. Ahmadiyar is very good at listening and knowing how to make adjustments to alleviate my issues. I’ve felt immediate relief through his adjustments. The staff here is also very friendly and welcoming and the space is comfortable to be in. I would definitely recommend.

William von Schrader Avatar
William von Schrader
7/17/2022 - Google

Can't recommend them enough. I was in sever pain and could barely walk and was being told I may need surgery. I began to feel immediate relief after my first session with Dr. Amir, and after two weeks I am almost fully recovered.

A C Avatar
7/17/2022 - Google

I have tried multiple chiropractors in the area and Dr Ahmadiyar has been the best I have found. I have had on going lower back pain for several years and when I went into his office the pain was excruciating. In less than an hour, I had x-rays taken and reviewed, consulted with the Dr and had my first adjustment. I left feeling significantly better. The next was even better! I would highly recommend this practice!

Denise A Avatar
Denise A
5/17/2022 - Google

Dr Amir and his staff are great. I always feel better after my appointments with him. Love that he also recommends stretches for me to do at home to help work on old injuries

Avery Capizzi Avatar
Avery Capizzi
4/17/2022 - Google

Been having some back problems for what seems life my whole life so I needed an adjustment. Found this place on Zocdoc so I scheduled an appointment with them and super glad I did. Everyone here made me feel comfortable and love the family business aspect. I got the consultation, back readings, adjustment, and stem massage super fast and I was on my way back to work. I'll be back!

Jay Farjah Avatar
Jay Farjah
4/17/2022 - Google

I wish there were more ratings than five stars. What rating could I give for perfection? I am suffering from chronic neck pain, and my Dr. administered a shot of Cotozon and prescribed a bunch of steroids pills that did not work. The doctor suggested neck surgery, However, I decided on a nonsurgical approach. I was frustrated that after trying a few sessions of various Chiropractic offices, the pain was not relived. I did more research, and decided to visit the “Greater Falls Church Chiropractic & Acupuncture Wellness Center". I decided to make an appointment to see Dr. Amir. This action was against the recommendation of the orthopedic surgeon I was seeing at that time. However, seeing Dr. Amir consistently and undergoing massages, I feel improvement. I am amazed that people say, “Oh, we don't believe in chiropractors.” what is there not to believe? Don’t you believe in a correctly aligned spine, a healthy, drug-free, pain-free body, a better quality of life? I say, give it a try, and there’s no one better than Dr. Amir to help you! What have you got to lose, except your pain! Thank you, Dr. Amir and staff, for all you do.

greatnmighty2 D Avatar
greatnmighty2 D
4/17/2022 - Google

Everyone was caring, professional, and very helpful. Will definitely be returning to continue my treatments for back pain.

Maryam A Avatar
Maryam A
3/17/2022 - Google

Dr. Ahmadiyar and his staff are the best! I dealt with chronic back, and knee pain for years, and I thought it was just something I had to live with as a runner. They assured me it was fixable, and they helped me get pain free within just a few appointments. They also have the best energy and are incredibly kind, professional and supportive. I recommend them to everyone looking for a chiropractor!

Maryam Connelly Avatar
Maryam Connelly
3/17/2022 - Google

Great doctor and great staff. They always put the patient's needs first and provide excellent services. Dr. Amir's knowledge, skills set and quality of care are beyond reproach. Moreover he has gentle, kind bedside manners. His staff is also amazing. Everyone is very caring, competent and helpful. I highly recommend Dr Amir.

Jason Algarin Avatar
Jason Algarin
3/17/2022 - Google

I absolutely feel like a million bucks every time I leave this place. The staff is superb, very professional, but above all… I cannot stress this enough - everybody needs to go and get adjusted regularly. I won’t discuss my personal medical issues, but I can honestly tell you that I feel amazing every time I visit Greater Fall Church Chiropractic and Acupuncture Center. Give it a chance. For those of you sitting all day behind the computer - the moms that are carrying your babies all day long - the hard working folks that are lifting stuff all day long - give it shot. You don’t need to have an actual injury to see a chiropractor. Highly recommend it. Dr. Amir will not disappoint you.

glenn duncan Avatar
glenn duncan
2/17/2022 - Google

I’ve been having some pain in my neck for years and my insurance has had me see physical therapists, take muscle relaxers, do home exercises and even recommended I see an acupuncturist before they would let me see Dr. Greer. How wrong they have been!!!! He did a thorough evaluation with probes that showed on the screen where I was having issues…Yeap, it was right on target with what I’ve been experiencing. He then discussed what he was going to do and made sure I was aware of everything before he did it. WOW! Immediately…and I mean immediately, I felt my neck pain dissipate and I was able to move my neck like I haven’t been able to in years. After just one visit. My back was also feeling so much better. I was walking taller, straighter and with less pain. I even slept better. Highly recommend! And he has a great personality that put me at ease and his daughter also works there. It felt like a local family practice which I always like to support. Get in there…

Bradley Watts Avatar
Bradley Watts
2/17/2022 - Google

As someone who has suffered chronic back pain for years, I can say I've never felt better after seeing the wonderful team at GFCCAC. The staff treat patients with kindness and courtesy and I leave every appointment feeling rested and rejuvenated.

Sveta Warren Avatar
Sveta Warren
2/17/2022 - Google

Amazing team!! They are very knowledgeable and able to help with my back. Could barely lay down or move my neck without excruciating pain and within two visits i was able to do everything again. Would recommend to anyone to who is looking for an amazing chiropractor!!

Hyejin Jung Avatar
Hyejin Jung
2/17/2022 - Google

닥터 Amir는 최고입니다 나의목이랑 어깨는. 아주좋아지고있어요