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1HR -   $80
1/2 HR - $40

                                          $105 HOT STONE


Massage and chiropractic care are compatible holistic therapies that share the goal of your total well-being, not simply an absence of illness. Both offer natural, hands-on, drug free techniques. They can be used as preventive as well restorative therapies. Both work to resolve the cause of your pain rather than treat isolated symptoms. Used in combination, massage and chiropractic can help you maintain optimum health and enjoy life to the fullest.

Peaceful healing through massage...

Massage influences the body by means of mechanical stimulation trasnmitted to the tissues by special means of elleurage ( stroking), friction, petrossage (kneading), and vibration. The great variety of strokes used in Russian method of massage allows application in varying degrees, from very light to very deep.

Massage is beneficial in improving the contractional function of the skins tissue, therefore developing the skins elasticity.

Mechanical stimulation causes contraction of the muscular fibers and complicated changes in the muscular cells. Massage improves the oxidizing process in the muscular system by increasing the amount of blood in the muscular system. Massage is extremely influential in improving muscle tone and elasticity and increasing the contractional function, power and working ability.

During the massage process, blood is moved from the internal organs to the skin surface and to the muscle tissues. As a result, the peripheral vessels increase moderately in size, resulting in a reduction of work for the left ventricle of the heart. Blood supply increases as well as contraction of the heart muscle.

Massage can stimulate or decrease stimulation of the nervous system, depending on its functional state and the method of stimulation. Effleurage and friction brings postive emotion of peace, freshness, and lightness. Vibration and petrossage increase stimulation of the central nervous system.

Massage of five upper ribs will increase ventilation of the upper part of the lungs while massage of the lower ribs will increase ventilation and circulation of the lower part of the lungs.

* Decrease recovery time for injuries
*Increase power of the muscle's contraction
*Decrease the chance of soft tissue trauma
*Enhance the physcial condition of the athlete

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